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Accurate Effective Bailiffs Ltd is the result of a merger of Accurate Bailiffs, established in 1971, and Effective Bailiffs, established in 1976. The new firm has a staff of 45 people comprised of bailiffs, court bailiffs, collectors, and administration and sales personnel and services the entire province of BC.

Office, warehouse, vehicle storage and sales facilities are at 6139 Trapp Ave, Burnaby, BC

The clients of the merged firm will have the benefit of the two companies combined total of 58 years experience in the business of seizures and liquidations in the areas of commercial rent distress, PPSA Security Agreements, Repairer’s Liens, Warehouseman’s liens, Court Bailiff Seizures and Collections.

The founding owners of Accurate and Effective, Wayne Naylor and Jim Voice, continue to be active in the new company.

We will remain the top performing Bailiff Company in Canada and will continue our successful relationships with companies such as yours! For more information, please contact us at [email protected]

Additional Details

  • Serving all of Canada through our affiliation with Collateral Recovery and Administration
  • Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff
  • Bonded and Licensed in accordance with the laws of B.C.
  • On site sales of repossessed goods

The manager of Accurate Court Bailiff Services Ltd has been certified by “The Ministry of Attorney General” as a Court Bailiff/Peace Officer, for numerous years. His more than 20 years of business experience includes Sales, In-House Collections, Inventory Control Management, Distribution (Regional & International) Management, Fleet Safety Management and Operations and Staff Management (up to 50 employees).

Additional experience includes Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Human Resources Management. This experience and knowledge has earned him a reputation, which is recognized as one of diligence, understanding and professionalism in providing excellent service.

In addition to being a certified Court Bailiff/Peace Officer, a further background includes:

  • Founding member of United Civil Execution Contractors Association (UCECA).
  • Past Vice-President and current President of UCECA.
  • Licensed Bailiff.
  • Past member of Corporate Risk Management.
  • Past member of the Driver Review Board.
  • Past member of the Association of Fleet Supervisors.
  • Past member of the Corporate Grievance Committee.
  • Member of the Collateral Recovery Association.
  • Member of the B.C. Bailiff Association.

Having lived in many communities throughout British Columbia has allowed our manager a strong understanding of dealing with people of all vocations. Our manager and trained staff of professionals have established strong business relationships with numerous members of the Legal and Corporate Communities, Government Agencies and the public in general.

Accurate Effective Bailiffs is a member of the Collateral Recovery Administration, and the British Columbia Bailiffs Association.

Mission Statement

We are committed to insuring that every client’s account has been managed to a logical conclusion in a timely and cost effective manner.

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