Court Bailiff Services

Accurate Court Bailiffs are fully trained by The Justice Institute of British Columbia, and are certified and appointed by The Ministry of Attorney General as Court Bailiffs/Peace Officers. Accurate Court Bailiffs have over 30 years of combined experience executing Court Orders from Provincial, Federal and Supreme Courts, and are equipped with reliable vehicles and cellular phones, allowing us to act quickly and keep our clients updated.

Available Services

  • Writs of Fieri Facias
  • Writs of Seizure and Sale
  • Orders for Seizure and Sale
  • Writs of Possession
  • Writs of Delivery
  • Writs of Sequestration
  • Writs of Attachment
  • Anton Pillar
  • Seizure and Sale
  • Orders for Sale of Land
  • Warrant to Distain
  • Ship (M.V.) Arrests

The schedule of fees for Supreme Court Writs can be found in Appendix C, Schedule B of the Supreme Court Rules. The schedule of fees for Provincial Court, Small Claims Division, is laid down by the Order-in-Council.

The fee schedule for performing Civil Execution Services is set out by the Supreme Court Rules and Small Claims Regulations.

Associated Costs

Small Claims

Provincial Court orders for Seizure & Sale

  • Statutory Fees $70.00
  • Hourly Rate $55.00
  • Poundage on sum realized is assessed @ 10%.

Supreme Court & Federal Court

Writs of Seizure and Sale/Fieri Facias

  • Statutory Fee $120.00
  • Hourly Rate $75.00

Poundage on Sum Realized

These fees, when possible, are collected from Seizure of Debtor(s) Assets or Voluntary Payment.

Mileage will be assessed @ 50 cents for each kilometer traveled.

  • $10,000.00 or less @ 10%
  • Over $10,000.00 but less than $100,000.00
  • $1,000.00 plus 2.5% of amount over $10,000.00. Over $100,000.00
  • $3,250.00 plus 1% of amount over $100,000.00.

Incurred Costs

Service Provided Cost (Variable)
Storage Costs Incurred
Automotive ICBC Rate
Light Duty Trucks / Equipment ICBC Rate
Heavy Duty Trucks / Equipment ICBC Rate
Towing Costs Incurred
Locksmith Costs Incurred
Movers Costs Incurred
Skip Tracing (Creditor's Request) Approximately $175
Searches Costs Incurred

GST is applied to all costs incurred

For an estimate regarding what services you may require and what cost may be incurred, you may contact us.

To ensure the best possible service from our Court Bailiffs, please provide the following information:

  • Original Writ or Order along with 2 copies of the Judgment and/or Certificate and 3 copies of the Payment Order
  • Required deposit
  • Any copies of searches you may have conducted
  • A description of any known assets and/or location
  • Debtor information forms provided by our office
  • Your office will receive updates on a regular basis. Please fax, phone or e-mail us at anytime as we will be happy to answer any questions you may have

Accurate’s experience and utmost professionalism is reflected in its reputation of Quality Service, Reliability and Exacting Standards.

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