Bailiff Services: Repossession

At Accurate Effective Bailiffs, we maintain our leadership in the ever-changing industry of Repossessions.

Seizure Services

  • Repossessions of every type of security throughout British Columbia
  • Same day service by our experienced bailiffs
  • Security locates
  • Removal of collateral to our secured storage facility
  • Prompt reporting
  • Condition Reports
  • All required searches and administration
  • Accurate monthly reports

Our experienced skip tracing staff are skilled at locating and resolving un-recovered collateral. Our networking abilities and contacts are instrumental when it comes to locating and recovering your security.

Repairer’s Lien Services

  • All liens are filed with the Personal Property Registry.
  • Ministry of Transportation searches.
  • Repossession of vehicles.
  • Seizures are processed efficiently and promptly.
  • Security to the lien is delivered for impoundment.
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