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Rent Distress

The Rent Distress Act allows a landlord to seize and eventually sell a tenant's goods to reimburse a landlord for rental arrears. When exercised correctly and with the proper legal advice, Rent Distress is a useful service.


Repossession is a process where a lender can take back possession of purchased property, such as a vehicle. Repossession typically occurs when a purchaser begin to fall behind on, or misses payments.

Accurate Effective Bailiffs is experienced in handling the following types of Repossessions:

  • Cars, Trucks, SUVs and Passenger Vehicles
  • Motorcycles, ATVs and Motorsports
  • Trailers, RVs, Motorhomes, Boats and Recreational Vehicles
  • Commercial Rent Distress and Office Equipment
  • Computers, Personal Property and Security Act
  • Commercial, Heavy Equipment and Planes
  • Machinery Repairer’s Lien Act
  • Lease Agreements and Rental Agreements
  • Process Serving and Locate Services

Repossessed goods and recovered property are sold via our online sales and auction system, to satisfy most clients’ needs for a quick sale. Access to our yard is available 6 days a week with full-time Sales Personnel to answer Purchaser’s questions and for Clients to view their collateral.


Our facility has 4.4 acres of fenced outdoor storage space, and a 40,000 square foot warehouse to accommodate all types of inventory. Our warehouse is heated and air-conditioned, and is equipped with a camera and security system, as well as a loading bay and a ramp, allowing efficient storage of various objects such as jet-skis, motorcycles, office equipment, and more. A system of warehouse shelving and forklifts allow us to maximize our warehouse space, thus allowing further storage of retail inventory, vehicles, boats and helicopters inside of the warehouse, if necessary. We provide extensive safe storage of all personal belongings obtained through repossession.

Online Repo Sales & Auction

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